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The key moment is the death of poor free throw

NBA Finals end has been two days, but around James is still lingering doubts and controversy without a break In fact, before the Finals the fifth war, James had already started being widely questioned, even American fans turned against him, forming a huge number of imperial black Legion, which also allow James under pressure. After completely lost in the championship, James finally broke out, he said in an interview, I am looking forward to all those who fail, they will one day wake up from the dream, they must face their bland life. James said full offensive, their personal problems do not have any change because I fail, I will continue with my life and continue my career, my family and I will continue to have a happy life. This ban NBA is not the latest formulation of the league but kept emphasized in recent seasons. This is not making a fuss, because now in the market, APL is by virtue of improving bounce propaganda to attract NBA players just come out this year, priced up to $ 300 basketball shoes by the former University of Southern California, Princeton players Gede brothers and co-founder of the company designed. The principle is not complicated: APL This patented technology jordan ae ελλαδα Load ‘N Launch technology in simple terms, is in fact the forefoot shoe built a cavity inside the gas is compressed when the pressure in athletes, and when jump When the air pressure can help bring rebound to help players vacated. Jordan has in a number of urban housing, a house of his biggest Chicago, area reached 28,000 square feet, it can be said that is a manor. Have the tall manor Recreational amenities include luxurious theaters, bowling alley, swimming pool heated surfing, wine cellar, private garden, etc., is also supporting a small luxury golf course. If you walk it, from the living room to reach the door of the mansion Jordan takes more than air jordan 1 ελλαδα 10 minutes. At this time, Harden stand, is a three-point shot after the third shot hit the Harden’s Magic defender 阿隆阿弗拉 Luo still standing to squat defensive posture, did not react . Scene bursts of screams sounded, this time to the closeup Harden, a faint smile on his face. But because the other players in front, but also embarrassed too insolent Cry Lengjian after hit like that one-third, perhaps just very grateful Warcraft with performances, Harden directed the whole game once the most beautiful aerial connection.

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